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Fitness & Health Screen

Fitness & Health Screen Video Highlights

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What is a Health and Fitness Screen?

A health and fitness screen is a 30 minute screening to digitally track your health and fitness levels. This screening incorporates the Skulpt system, Like A Glove technology as well as the Kinetisense system to determine baseline and follow-up body measurements digitally, body fat to muscle composition as well as identify muscle quality and muscular imbalances as well a 3D posture and movement assessment using Kinetisense. This assessment will also provide suggested exercises  to correct any muscular imbalances identified during screening.

Recommendations for

Assessment Day

  • Recommend user does not exercise the day of assessment

  • Recommend user wear form fitting exercise clothing & shoes for exercise

  • Recommended users have a smart device present at time of assessment to download apps to track their results (not required but suggested).


Ryanne Lemon 

PTA, A.C.E Certified Personal Trainer, BS Health Science


Ryanne has always been passionate about health and fitness and competed in the NCAA participating in track and cross country for Washington State University and was the WSU women’s cross country team captain in 2002.  She continued her athletic career after graduation competing in several triathlons and marathons, and most recently completed her first Ironman triathlon.  Ryanne also received her A.C.E personal trainer certification while attending Idaho State University. Learn More

Hannah McFall

Certified Personal Trainer, BS Health Science

Our certified Personal Trainer Hannah holds a Bachelors degree in Health Science. Hannah is a former college athlete & previous qualifier for the Boston Marathon. Hannah is also former military with years of experience in healthcare and fitness.

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