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Press Release - IPC Physical Therapy Cutting Edge Tech Called Kinetisense

IPC Physical Therapy is excited to announce the adoption of cutting edge technology called the Kinetisense. The Kinetisense system allows precise analysis of a clients range of motion, their posture in three dimensions, and it serves as a balance and concussion tool that records the clients motor errors pre-season and compares motor errors post concussion injury. This technology allows practitioners better tools for safely determining a return to sport in student athletes. The Kinetisense system offers precise range of motion measurements at the neck, shoulders, elbows, spine, hips and knees with nearly zero margin of error, far more precise than any therapist or practitioner could measure on their own. The Kinetisense system serves all ages, from elite athletes and weekend warriors who can use the system to undergo a functional movement screen that can identify joint derangement or imbalances before the athlete ever knows there is a problem, all the way to tracking and analyzing a geriatric individuals balance. This technology is only offered in three facilities across the entire state of Idaho and is portable enough for the team at IPC to bring this technology to school systems for concussion baseline testing, to workplaces for ergonomic and posture evaluations and beyond. The system can be found full time at IPC Physical Therapy where they already offer the only anti-gravity treadmill system in the region and their Physical Therapist, Amanda Thome is one of only two IMPACT concussion trained Physical Therapists in the state of Idaho.

The team at IPC Physical Therapy offers analysis on the Kinetisense to all their patients as part of their physical therapy, however they have opened the system with full reporting of results to the community as well. It is their belief that individuals should be able to track how their body is behaving both when healthy and during a time of injury or recovery. Imagine the person with neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain etc. who is seeking relief from massage therapists, personal trainers, chiropractors or even from therapists outside of IPC. Imagine how beneficial it would it be to have precise and accurate data on these clients at the beginning of their care and follow-up reporting every four weeks. This would allow many people the ability to quantifiably determine if they are in fact improving or perhaps alternative help needs to be sought. The precision of the Kinetisense allows the clients to see subtle improvements that without this technology would not have been recognized. IPC offers two options for the community to book analysis with the Kinetisense. Clients can book a 3D Posture reading with full report of results, or a second package offers 3D posture, Kinetisense range of motion analysis at two joints, and the balance or concussion test. Come September IPC will also be offering the functional movement testing which will help detect muscle and joint imbalances often times before the client was aware they were at risk for future injury to that region. If your school or organization would like to setup a portable analysis with the Kinetisense you are asked to contact our clinic at: 208-263-9757, for all other bookings please visit us at:

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